Our Board of Directors

Margaret Mone,  Chair

Corinne Maioli, 1st Vice Chair


Alisa DeLage

Jennifer Huska

Mary Ann Kelleher (Honorary Director)

Jean-Ellen Ouellette-Kenney

Geneva Prince (Honorary Director)

Gail Russell


Key Responsibilities of The Board:

Mission: Ensure that the organization has a clear, succinct written mission statement to express core values.


Oversight: Engage in regular strategic planning as part of effective leadership and management and a periodic organizational assessment that examines in detail the organizations’ programs and services, management, structure and capacity. The board ensures high quality executive leadership and makes a self-assessment a routine part of its work.


Resources: Engage in formulating a fund-raising strategy, approve and monitor the operating budget by regular review of financial reports from staff.


Outreach: Act as active community ambassadors, promoting the organization’s mission, service and achievements as well as bringing community perspectives to the attention of the board and staff.