Our Board of Directors


Margaret Mone,  Chair

Corinne Maioli, 1st Vice Chair

Wayne Dunn, 2nd Vice Chair

Scott Sanborn, Treasurer

Jennifer Huska, Clerk



Alisa DeLage

Mary Ann Kelleher (Honorary Director)

Priscilla Mueller

Jean-Ellen Ouellette-Kenney

Geneva Prince (Honorary Director)

Gail Russell



Key Responsibilities of The Board:

Mission: Ensure that the organization has a clear, succinct written mission statement to express core values.


Oversight: Engage in regular strategic planning as part of effective leadership and management and a periodic organizational assessment that examines in detail the organizations’ programs and services, management, structure and capacity. The board ensures high quality executive leadership and makes a self-assessment a routine part of its work.


Resources: Engage in formulating a fund-raising strategy, approve and monitor the operating budget by regular review of financial reports from staff.


Outreach: Act as active community ambassadors, promoting the organization’s mission, service and achievements as well as bringing community perspectives to the attention of the board and staff.