Hospice Expansion Will Ensure BVNA Patients Receive Comprehensive & Compassionate End-of-Life Care

At BVNA, we believe that every patient deserves the opportunity to live their life to the fullest, even as they face a life-limiting illness or injury.


We believe their families deserve the support they need as they manage the challenges of caring for their loved one and coping with their eventual loss.


For 114 years, we have held these beliefs and have given our patients and families the very best in care and support…up to a point. When it came time for us to help our patients die with dignity, at home, surrounded by loved ones, BVNA had to connect patients and families to other organizations for hospice care, the gold standard for end-of-life care. This was difficult for patients, their families and the BVNA staff who cared for them.


Now, with providing the most compassionate, personalized care as our focus, BVNA is pleased to announce that the agency is fulfilling our commitment to be “more than you’d expect from home care,” and is developing our very own hospice program. (To continue this article, click here)


“No longer will patients have to face the decision to stay with the BVNA caregivers they have grown to know and love or transition to another agency’s hospice program, when that level of care is best for them.” stated Bob Ford, BVNA President.


Tentatively scheduled to launch by the 4th Quarter of 2019, BVNA’s hospice program will allow patients who receive care from the agency’s home healthcare program to transition seamlessly to palliative care for added support and symptom management, and then to hospice care, all within BVNA. “We are so pleased to be able to match our patients’ changing needs with the program that can best serve them at every stage,” continued Ford.


The Case for Hospice Care with BVNA
The hospice program and its specialized caregiving team will embrace each patient, enabling them and their family to fully experience the time that is left. To offer this as a continuation of their services with BVNA will be a tremendous comfort.


The value of hospice can best be summed up by the words of Melanie Semple, RN, BSN, CHPN, our Vice President of Clinical Services, an experienced hospice nurse,


“As a hospice nurse, you go home every night feeling like you made a difference with your patients. Even on the most difficult day, you helped them. Your patients were able to die at home, with the people they love and live their last days on their own terms. Whether it is reminiscing with family and friends, making amends, making a special trip or any other activity that makes them happy, we helped them to create their own ending. It is a privilege to be there with our patients at that time.”


This is why we feel so strongly that providing our own hospice service for our patients needing that level of care helps us to fulfill our vision of being an indispensable resource to those we serve. We want our patients to have the comfort that they can receive this care from the agency and staff that they have come to know and trust, with the least disruption possible. No longer do we want them to have to choose another organization to receive hospice care.


BVNA Hospice is good for our patients, good for our community and it’s good for BVNA.


You Can Help Us to Make BVNA Hospice a Reality

Whether you have been a patient yourself, a family member of a patient, or a past supporter of BVNA’s non-profit mission, you understand firsthand the value of the work we do and know better than most how important BVNA is to our patients and our community.


If you have not had firsthand experience with BVNA, please consider that on any given day, the agency manages the care of nearly 800 patients, spread throughout 32 communities. Similar in scope to a major hospital, but providing the care directly in patients’ homes, BVNA is a highly regarded and highly relied upon resource for both patients and their physicians.


We have established a first year goal of raising $200,000 to offset the costs associated with this important project so that all of our patients and their physicians will have access to hospice care through BVNA.


Your gift, no matter the size, moves us forward toward our goal. Click here to see the Campaign for BVNA Hospice page or click here to go directly to our secure donation page to support BVNA Hospice today.