Occupational Therapy

Sometimes a stroke, illness, or injury can impact your fine motor skills and your ability to take care of yourself. Occupational therapy can help you or a loved one regain the ability to perform everyday activities, such as eating, dressing, and bathing, as well as preparing a meal or enjoying a favorite hobby. Our occupational therapists visit you at home to help you to adapt your day-to-day routine to meet your abilities after an injury or stroke, improve fine motor skills so that buttoning a shirt, putting on shoes, or cutting food becomes easier, earn to use strategies or specially designed equipment that will help you to complete basic tasks and activities of daily living safely, peed recovery after surgery through exercises and positioning programs.


The goal is to help you or your loved one regain the ability to perform tasks and to live as independently as possible. Our occupational therapists will develop a specialized plan that meets your needs, and work with you to relearn the motor skills you need to meet your goals