The Brockton Visiting Nurse Association has teamed up with Cardiocom® to proactively manage the care of patients. By using Cardiocom’s in-home monitoring system, the Brockton VNA can assist patients with chronic illnesses by checking patients’ vital signs on a daily basis. The technology allows the Brockton VNA staff to monitor the status of home care patients seven days a week without actually visiting the patient. When the patient uses the Telehealth system, he or she is prompted through a Health Check and collection of vital signs. During this process, the Telehealth system collects information such as weight, blood pressure, oxygen saturation and heart rate. The information is immediately transmitted via telephone line to the Brockton VNA office, where a nurse receives and monitors the patient’s conditions. By closely monitoring the status of patients with chronic illnesses, such as diabetes, hypertension, asthma or other conditions, it allows for early detection and reduced hospitalization rates. It also allows patients to maintain their independence and remain at home, where they want to be.


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