"Just a short note to say thank you for taking such good care of me after my hip surgery. The nurses were great, and Paul Sullivan was very patient and caring with my therapy. Happy Holidays to all of you !"

Patient from Bridgewater, MA - December 2019

I just got off the phone with V.T., who wanted to be sure I was aware of how pleased she was with the services from the BVNA. This was her first experience with the BVNA and she can’t say enough great things. She spoke with her doctor as well, to let him know what a great job BVNA does.

BVNA Clinical Manager

Danielle (Danielle Riley, PT) is just great… She took care of me last time I had surgery and again this time and she’s just the best. I think so much of all of you at BVNA and want to thank you for taking such good care of me.


From the very first visit, I felt comfortable and safe with him (Bhavesh Sharma, PT). Our personalities meshed right away. It became very obvious to me that he literally loved his profession and truly wanted me to succeed and get the optimum results with my knee.


"This is essentially a thank you for the services of Ann Dupre and Erika Cahill.........for my husband........ They both were excellent..........Please accept our gratitude for these wonderful women."

M.J. Brockton

"I want all you people to know how wonderful Bhavesh is. You never expect a physical therapist to come into your home and save your life, but that's just what he did. He sent me to the ER and saved by life. He is an excellent PT and an amazing person".



Thank you for showing me how to check my blood glucose and showing me how to give myself insulin shots. Also thanks to Sharon Gallagher, Dietician, Olga Ivaniv, RN. I plan to stick to my diet and lose weight.

Carl J.

I want to thank you for all your help. I felt very scared and insecure coming home from the hospital and found the nurse to be very kind, reassuring and very efficient. I think you have a great organization and appreciate what you have done for me!

Mary B., Brockton, MA

I am writing to comment on the recent services provided me by Kathy Payton RN and Kathryn, Physical Therapist. I had hip replacement surgery on March 30th and Kathy and Kathryn visited me shortly after. Kathy Payton was wonderful. She has a very relaxed and calming demeanor which was exactly what I needed shortly after surgery. She couldn’t have been more supportive and helped me to learn what was necessary in order to prevent any infection at the site. Kathryn, physical therapist was also wonderful. It got so that I looked forward to her visits, even though sometimes I knew it would be slightly painful. She was firm but supportive when taking me through the exercises and gave me the encouragement, confidence and skills to do more. I wish to thank them both for their valuable knowledge and skills in their individual disciplines, and I wish to thank Brockton VNA for its professional services.

Donna F., North Easton, MA

To All the Wonderful People who came to my house and gave me comfort and helped me understand what I had to do to help myself get better, I want to thank each and every one of you.
Ann Marie Lupica, RN, Sharon Gallagher, dietician; Norma Mello, Certified Diabetic Educator; and Patricia Sousa, RN.

Janice O.

I would like to let you know how wonderful and caring the Occupational Therapist and the Home Health Aide were to me during my recovery from surgery. The provided me with their personal care and expertise. They truly represent everything positive about the Brockton VNA.

Ann C., Stoughton

It is a comfort to know we have and can depend on the Brockton Visiting Nurse Association to see us through our ordeals whatever life brings.

Mary C.

"Dear Visiting Nurse, What a wonderful group of nurses came to help us in our time of need. Very kind, informative and compassionate. We are grateful. p.s. A special thank you to Louise"

Mr. and Mrs. H.

"A year ago, I had 2 broken limbs. I couldn't have come home and managed at all without the people from your office. A VERY BIG THANK YOU TO: Terri and Betsy the nurses, Rebecca the physical therapist, Clairemaire the occupational therapist and Nien the home health aide."

Anna M.

"I would like to express my appreciation for the excellent care and generous attention fiven to my mother-in-law,".

Sophia M.

"My wife was a home patient of the Brockton VNA. I would like to take this opportunity to thank the nurses and therapists who provided excellent care of her."

Robert C.

"Having had no knowledge of Visiting Nurses I was pleasantly surprised by their professionalism & care - they made my recovery so much easier & quicker."

Elizabeth P.

"We are so thankful to have had you for "our nurse" for the past two years. Your calm, caring way is perfect for the type of job that you do..."

Frank, Amy, Phoebe

March 2013...."The Family of R.B. would like to acknowledge the stellar care given to him, specially by his nurse Mary. Mary not only illustrated her professionalism, but her true concern and caring for what is in his best interest. Thank you."

The Family of R.B.

March 2013...."Just a note to say how much I appreciate the fine service rendered by two of your employees, Ann Dupre and Kathleen Porazzo. They were both knowledgeable and efficient while helping me to adjust to my new hip replacement. I was lucky to have had their expertise during my recovery. Many thanks to you"


"I am writing to you to express my and my husband's thank you for the excellent care received by the nurses of the VNA.....We would especially want to commend the services of my nurse Christina Eklund, RN....."She gave me excellent care, when I had a question she always had the answer. This put my mind and my husband's at ease....Thank you".